Specialty Care

Pregnancy + Postpartum

Prenatal Chiropractic Care is safe + beneficial, not only for mom, but baby too! Seeing a Chiropractor during pregnancy helps alleviate back pain, as well as allows maximum space for the baby to to turn into ideal birthing position.  Chiropractic for babies immediately after birth is safe + very effective for colic, GERD, breastfeeding issues + more. Postpartum care focuses on the maintaining the structural integrity of the body, as the body recovers.  Home visits are available for home births.

Babies + Toddlers + Kids

Infants are checked on a preventative basis to avoid any interference in the brain + body connection.

Kids learn to crawl, walk, run, jump + play! As they learn new physical abilities it is important to maintain proper alignment of their structure for optimal growth + development.


Being the best athlete possible requires optimal Nervous System function + proper structural alignment to obtain ideal strength + endurance.  Whether you are a 5K goers, Weekend Warrior, or competitive athlete, Chiropractic care will take your skills to the next level.