Chiropractic Care


Daily physical, emotional, + chemical stressors take a toll on the spine. This can create vertebral misalignments that irritate the surrounding nerves + soft tissue resulting in symptoms: pain, muscle spasms, headaches, vertigo, sciatica, fatigue, organ dysfunction, and much more.


The body has an innate intelligence allowing it to heal itself, when given the right tools. This is the "Philosophy" of Chiropractic Care.


A Chiropractic Adjustment is the "Art".  A Chiropractor specifically + purposely applies force to the pelvis or vertebrae to correct the misalignment, relieving pain + allowing the body to heal. Start care with your local Chiropractor in Ocean Beach, San Diego!

New Patients

Initial Chiropractic Care

All New Patients will start on the Initial Program, which consists of:

(12) Visits within a four week period of time 

$300 - Including: Consultation, Exam, + up to Twelve (12) Visits

Full payment is due on the first visit with either CASH or CHECK

Wellness Patients

Wellness Chiropractic Care

Patients are invited to maintain the health of their spine via Wellness Care after they have completed the two weeks of Initial Intensive Care.

$20  One Wellness Adjustment within a Two Week period 


$40  One Wellness Adjustment within a Month period